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What is the Link Between Web Design and Marketing?

Good Web Design to Facilitate Marketing

Here's a simple example that explains it all. An internet user finds two sites that offer the same products at the same price. Better yet, even the discounts on the two sites are similar. In theory, the choice should be challenging. But there's a small difference between the two sites. The appearance of one is strangely reminiscent of the design of the first e-shops in the 90s. The other site has a more careful and pleasant design. Question; which website do 99% of internet users visit? The answer to this seems obvious.

Web Design as a Marketing Step

Marketing, especially on the net, means highlighting not only the products and services offered by the business but also the site itself. To be tempted to buy anything, the visitor must foremost want to stay there. Many owners believe that their potential customers analyse the site at length before deciding. They're wrong. It takes only ten seconds for the user to determine if he wants or not to visit the website. This means that the first impression is the key to success. Take the online casino industy as an example: all the operators' websites are designed to compel visitors to stay (attractive imagery, offers and promotions highlighted to get the visitor's attention, etc.).

How to Coordinate Web Design and Marketing?

Since marketing starts at the design stage, there are some essential factors to take into account to avoid making irreparable mistakes. First, choose the colour of the site carefully, it gives a general impression of the look overall. Second, avoid overloaded presentations. The appearance must be simple, and finally, all the attractive offers must be on the first page. Good web design is equivalent to partially successful marketing.